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Forums swamped with spam!!!

Well I have been away for a little while and although the blog has been well protected by Akismet I see the forums have been inundated with spam posts!!! The whole model of Google’s search system feels ridiculous when I think why these people are doing it – I guess I don’t blame them exactly, they are trying to find ‘black hat’ ways to promote their sites but hitting on sites such as this to achieve their aims. It feels sometimes that the whole Internet will sink in spam, duplication and nonsense reviews for every product or service that has any value.

Anyway I’ll be back to clean up soon. If anyone has any suggestions on how to prevent spam on their forums without restricting anonymous messages I’ll be pleased to know. The only thing I can think of at the moment is to confuscate all of the urls and make them ‘nofollow’. In any case I will be cleaning them up and kicking them out.

It is at moments like this I really do with the Zeitgeist guys take hold – the one advantage I guess of a resource based economy would be the end of this incessant noise on the net called spam…