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Google’s 10th Birthday was the date set for starting the Project 10 to the 100 – a quest to find the best ideas that would help the most people, which would be then sponsored by Google.

My entry to the Project 10 to the 100 – for the record…

My thoughts have been on Google’s delays with the Project 10 to the 100 – and specifically Evan Kroske’s efforts to elicit some response from them on http://www.Project10tothe100Now.org  , I hope they do show some willingness to communicate with him or better show decent feedback on their pages. I see now in forums and blogs some question of Google’s motives and this dealy will only fuel it.

Anyway, for the record, I will reproduce my entry to this worthy cause – though I cannot imagine I will actually make it into the top 1000 let alone reach public verdict.

Details of the entry for 20th October 2008 

Your idea’s name (maximum 50 characters):

Beyond One World


Please select a category that best describes your idea.

Community: How can we help connect people, build communities and protect unique cultures?


What one sentence best describes your idea?

Use current open collaborative technology to organise priorities and effort required to define and coordinate the help of its members in an open way.


Describe your idea in more depth

The idea is to use the current open collaborative technology to organise the priorities and effort required to define and coordinate the help of its members. Ultimately the prospective members are global, all are considered equal in rights and the system is to remain 100% open and transparent to them all. It gives every person an equal voice and ability to define their ideal world. It offers a community of no barriers, no borders in which to discuss this.

With a centralised base and self governance, with no external interference then the members will have a true representation of the needs around the world and will be able to find and coordinate effort between them with information they can trust.

It begins with a call to arms to all individuals who want to change the world, to help each other and collectively fix the global problems affecting them. With the gathering of members to this system it will become known as the shared global system to which they can collaborate on meaningful projects and not be subject to regional, political or corporate interference.

The coordination of this system will learn as much as possible from successful large scale online communities that have learned to organise themselves and collaborate globally – such as Open Source projects.

Its transparency will lead to openness and trust and the ability from its users and also the information to constantly learn from mistakes to improve whatever processes they set up.

The aim of the project is to create the largest collaborative project of all time and to allow everyone to be able to dictate how it can be run. Ultimately to be considered a multinational resource and to take on global projects that regional effort will not be able to tackle.


What problem or issue does your idea address?

The problems that are addressed by this idea are ones of equality, trust, communication and the ability to see that one person can help others in tackling the biggest global issues of the day.

Equality in the sense of one individual has one voice, no matter what the issue is.

Trust is maintained because the system, documentation and discussion will remain 100% open and transparent, not covered over for corporate, political or prejudicial reasons.

Communication is addressed in the ability to offer their voice, their opinion, for others to hear.

The ability to help others in held because it is a collaborative system, offering documentation and the decision processes in which they all have the right to take part, these issues can be global in scale and the decision of action rests on each individual.


If your idea were to become a reality, who would benefit the most and how?

The individuals who would benefit the most would be the people who have little power or resources in which to change the world for the better. The idea of equality is inherent in the system, therefore they have just as much right to determine any result as any other. If this were global in nature right now then the Third World would see the biggest difference in rights to resources and help.

In the early stages is will be just their voice that is equal. This is in itself a useful message to ones that do have the power and resources to make a difference in the world. However, if enough people agree to any principle that should be applied to all then these ideals will spread external on external agencies.

Idealistically, the system would hold everyone’s opinion and the power of their opinions will be decided from within it.


What are the initial steps required to get this project off the ground?

It is purposefully that Google has been chosen as the first base of this idea. They mostly have the reputation of ‘Do No Harm’ and are the most visible media source in the world of the Internet, together with their openness in creating applications for the purpose of collaboration. It is these collaboration tools that offer the most powerful way to start off this idea. With the facility to accommodate a great many of the requirements as individuals join in and work together. It would be a great showcase in supporting this as it grows.


Describe the optimal outcome should your idea be selected and successfully implemented. How would you measure it?

The optimal outcome of this idea being selected would be instant visibility and recognition that a global site exists that is open and belongs to its users. This ideally would attract the abilities and the knowledge to continuously enhance how it would work effectively. Ideally, the intention is to learn from the best people and process and from those ideas to allow it to grow.

I hope that within 1-2 years it will raise awareness of what the global issues really are and who are affected, added together with their own voice it will certainly raise the chance of aid going to where it belongs. The more success it gains in this the more effective it will become, in ways that can be measured.

Beyond the goal of influence, imagine if people capture the vision, of what the system could possibly serve us in the future.


Enter the URL of your YouTube video



If you’d like to recommend a specific organization, or the ideal type of organization, to execute your plan, please do so here. (maximum 50 words)

Google – with help from international associations and organisations.

I can tell I was tired when writing this – oh well! Reading through it I do regret not defining the connection with a ‘World Government’ or even ‘One World Government’ – I know at the time I was concerned with mentioning the term because this is such a big backlash against any such idea. Just search for it on Google and you get the picture. I answered on a few videos on YouTube on this idea, trying to put forward that there was a way that it can be made a ‘good’ thing – I was responded to immediately with questions of my sanity or intelligence. I soon realised that there was a lot of excitement and fear generated by this whole area and that maybe this was not a platform to try and explain why I actually think it could be one of the best achievements we could make.

I know the attacks will come from the ones not wishing to listen to what the idea is and also from possibly more elite groups who would obviously see the idea as a threat. In my comfortable obscurity however I am working towards putting forward a more helpful vision instead of the ramblings seen thus far on this sight.

Back to Google – I’ll be there voting for the best ideas that come forward. Especially of the type that Valentino collated referred to in http://blog.beyondoneworld.com/2009/07/30/sharing-projects-from-google-project-10-to-the-100/. Good Luck everyone who put forward an idea. At least it is still going forward.

Sharing Projects from Google Project 10 to the 100

I had an email from Valentino Wiebel recently – well recently for me for somehow I missed his email that he sent in January and only just found it, apologies for that – that I thought was a brilliant idea. He had noticed that there were a number of projects submitted that shared his idea in his submission, basically collaborative websites that that would actively connect people who need to get things done with those who actually have the resources to do so. So he sent an email to all those that were similar and noted that this was indeed the principle behind the original Project 10 to the 100 in the first place and proposed that everyone in these projects pool their efforts and votes for each other when the voting came. Well as you may know, nothing as yet has happened at Google concerning this (http://blog.beyondoneworld.com/2009/06/09/whatever-happened-to-google-project-10-to-the-100/) so everything has just come to a stop. So as not to waste his effort in gathering a list of similar project submissions I asked for his permission to place them here – I hope you find them interesting,

Let me know what you think of them…

Whatever happened to Google Project 10 to the 100?

Google announced in September 2008, as part of their tenth year birthday celebrations that they would give $10 million towards 5 of the best ideas that would help the most people in the world. Many 30-second videos were created to express many hopefuls ideas and uploaded to YouTube in the run up to the deadline for entries on the 20th October 2008, including one from myself which looking back is quite dire – never mind. Google were then to review all the entries, select a hundred of the best and publish this list on their site on January 27th.

A process of having the public vote from these and shorten the list to 20 of the very best ideas from then the semi-finalists. An advisory panel would then meet with a set of criteria to choose the final 5.

In my opinion a fantastic and heartwarming idea that really showed that maybe Google was one of the most positive, open minded, generous and forward thinking companies in the world.

Imagine that, calling upon the whole world and selecting the best ideas that we could think of to help each other and then acting on them, actually providing resources for them to be carried out and helping the most people in the world.

The problem was, the world responded…

On 26th January 2009, Andy Berndt, the Managing Director of Google Creative Lab posted up an apology on Googles Blog – there was going to be a delay.

Apparently Googlers all around the world had been overwhelmed by the sheer number of entrants – in 25 languages there had been over 150,000 proposals put forward. March 17th had been given as the date which all of this would be sorted out and announced on their Project 10 to the 100 site.

On the 17th March appeared an update on the blog, it has overwhelmed them and it will take a while longer…

Three months later, now 10th June, there has been no announcement and no news posted upon the site. So whatever happened to the Google Project 10 to the 100?…

Why didn’t they just open the doors and published the whole lot? 149,900 ideas would never be seen except for Google themselves, surely that isn’t of much use – is it?

Thinking back on my own reaction to Google doing this in September, I thought it was in itself one of the most refreshing ideas that I have heard from a company in many years. But now I remember, well, it is a company – there are managers, shareholders, directors who have a cut in the operation and assets of Google. It is not completely open and for its own existence to continue it cannot be and any effort by its staff has to be aligned to meet its corporate needs.

I must remember now that it was not Google that produced this idea…
It was one or more individuals within it that created it, unnamed persons, who should have the praise and not the company. It is them who have this idea inside them and the desire to help as many people as possible. It is also most of the submitters of these ideas that have this within them.

This kind of idea has to be completely open, transparent and collaborated upon by anyone who has the desire to. In fact this idea should continue, even without the possibility of corporate funding to be developed, thought about, discussed and worked on to make the core ideas within them shine. I’ll bet easily that most of the ideas are similar in concept, that they show the same desire, the same principles just in slighly different application and using the increasing possibilities and technologies to enable them.

But these ideas are something more again…

They are the best that can be produced within the moment, the timescale and the visibility of those that responded. Imagine if that possibility always exists. Not belonging to a small group of people but to everyone – accessible by all virtually in one place so that they can always be found.

These ideas should be opened for all, always…

For now, I do hope those who have put the effort in to create Project 10 to the 100 succeed and fulfil their mission.

But the core ideas behind this need to take place, thought through and acted on. Imagine how different the world would be if it were possible.

My Entry to the Google Project 10 to the 100

Finally made it – after fighting a few driver and sync problems


Visit http:///www.BeyondOneWorld.com for more information.

Entry for Google’s Project 10 To The 100 an idea for a completely open and transparent centralised global collaboration.

It cannot be controlled by any one person, company or agency, but allows EVERY individual an EQUAL voice to help each other or to challenge any part of it. Right now each member becomes a pioneer and if it gathers momentum it could lead to the biggest collaborative effort of all time.

Imagine:- no more regional governments, no more centers of power, all universal resource controlled and belonging to all, no more companies, the system by which you live is 100% open and transparent, no more conspiracies, no more secrets, every person protected and served equally by the system they developed and that serves them.

Imagine what kind of world you would create if you had the chance. What changes would you make? Who would you help? How would you deal with todays issues?

We have the technology and the infrastructure to begin this, the next stage of the Internet, not in disparate islands and competing against each other but a dynamic grid developed and created by every active and capable person using it.

How would you begin to create something like this?

The first step is to plant a flag in the ground and say, right, it doesn’t matter where it begins, as long as the tools are 100% visible and open, so it begins here! Where it goes from there will be determined equally by every person who takes part in it.

Let us finally and completely help the disadvantaged and poor of the world to make everyone equal.

Let us work together to create a system that will make us pioneers for the future – and take us Beyond One World!!!