Monthly Archives: November 2010

Ultimate Dashboard of Life

One of the dreams connected with Beyond One World has been the idea of having a dashboard available to everyone showing in real time the current status of the world(s). Being able to drill down into it to actually see where you can make a difference. The ability for the idea to work though would require organisation and processing power way beyond what is available today but its significance would be to show the real status of the world as a whole and enable people to think globally – even universally – about what was going on.

I was inspired to come back and write up this post though by something tweeted by Tony Robbins – something that approaches the idea and gives anyone looking some imagination of what the dashboard may do.  The tweet pointed to a page put up by Peter Russell ‘Spirit of Now’. The page contains a Flash applet that was created at and looking around I saw a few interesting ones that might give inspiration as to what the dashboard might feel like. I have collected them here…

Let me know what you think?