BeyondOneWorld and the future

I have taken a little break from Beyond One World but it will not be for long. I realised after a year of writing here that actually not many people are visiting and when they do they probably have no idea of what it is about. It’s a shame, it’s no fun and I really should think about making the whole thing interesting. I mean I find it interesting, it’s become my passion, my obsession almost, because I absolutely believe that it is the right idea. But if I cannot find others with that same passion then this site is useless. So I need to stop being rubbish at marketing it and learn how to do it properly.

So I have entered the world of Internet marketing and I am actually thoroughly enjoying it. I always knew about it in theory but my experiences of years ago doing this are not really as good as putting it into practice. Let’s see how it goes…

So I have separated my personal Twitter account from BeyondOneWorld and created one exclusively for this at Follow this if you are interested in the progress here and do not want to hear my own ramblings at Or perhaps vice versa. You are welcome at either.

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