Please watch this and Have a GREAT day!

A lot of my reading on this subject has steered across many conspiracy theories and it became very tiring, so much so that I haven’t bothered catching up with the World News in the forums. Also in the run up to September 11th there are many programs on the TV covering what happened that day and the after effects. My wife and I have felt quite heartbroken with the stories of the last calls made by loved ones that day and the suffering that surrounded this catastrophe. Well, I’m glad to say doing some research later I found this old YouTube video posted into the Zeitgeist Movement Forums – ironic in a way.

I hope you find it inspiring and uplifting. The secret is speaks of is in the core of any positive thinking book and teacher of motivation, like Tony Robbins and so on. In my own experience it is sometimes all you have left to tackle many of the issues that seem to come at you often all at once and if you forget to apply it then believe me, depression follows quickly.

I know it is a bit of a drama at the beginning of the video but bear with it, get the essence of what it is referring to – IMHO it is absolutely important to understand…

So for a bit of inspiration – Watch this!

So please – Have A Great Day!

Do something positive today that you wouldn’t normally do!

If you find any more videos like this then please let us know – either post them or let me know and I will add them.

Let me know if it makes any difference to your day 🙂

It is relevant here too because the ideas in this video and other media are SO important that I really want to make sure it makes it into the highest ideals of this project…

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2 thoughts on “Please watch this and Have a GREAT day!

  1. Like many of the positive affirmation guides out there, this both inspired and annoyed. Something in the style puts me off, yet the message reaches through and gives needed nourishment to positive thoughts of a new paradigm. There are pieces of the puzzle all around us – enough answers to solve most of humanity’s problems.
    Plenty more high quality provokation out there – see the Naomi Klein ‘The Shock Doctrine’ on a digital channel last week? Stunning.

  2. @Phil Lee
    Shock Doctrine – Thank you Phil!! – very relevant to me – watching the videos on Youtube.

    The video above – I agree, I called it dramatic, but I thought it is useful to present the idea this way to someone who have never heard of it before. For myself, I know it, have known it since being a teenager, but keep forgetting and regretting it. Anything special, unique or ‘remark’able that I have ever done in my life have been when I have applied this very technique.

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