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This is an idea that needs me to disown it – it is something that needs to be driven by others that collectively have better ideas, different perspectives, more knowledge or more skills than I could ever achieve. So the plan to have a social web here at Beyond One World I have thrown out and picked something more useful. For one ‘Beyond One World’ is a bit of a mouthful and a social web with that name would not be easy to type into the browser. The other reason is that it would need something special to be used by anyone, a good reason for them to choose it in the first place. Well, one of the principles in Beyond One World is that of ownership, not having any corporation or authority tell you how it should work or what information belongs to you. The social web should work exactly as the users desire and not have any corporate marketing directing it or adding advertising to its pages. So I have pulled in a domain name that is very short and implies this – ADSo.com.

I have put together a website on that domain that has an Open Source social web running on it. It may not look nice now but with membership and direction of how it should work to help us all collaborate together it will achieve exactly what we want it to.

I have placed the important stuff on the main page of ADSo and pasted it in here. Are you going to be first to join in?

ADS0.COM is owned by every member that joins – equally – and of course NO ADS.

The principles being worked out to make this a reality can be found at the Beyond One World Blog.

Absolutely everyone is welcome to join and take part to make this social network all that you would want it to be without any company or organisation behind it.

The aim is to gather together those interested in changing the world finally, to make it a better place, by allowing everyone in it to have an equal stake in it and removing any centralised power and sharing the work and responsibilities.

Even if that sounds a bit daunting to you right now – or you have no idea what this means, there is one ADVANTAGE to getting in and JOINING NOW. That is to stake your claim now and GET YOUR SHORT NAME REGISTERED now before someone else does.

The other advantage is that you get to say exactly how it should work. You are in control if you want to be…

Any problems with the site, then please let me know in http://forums.beyondoneworld.com.

My hope is that this will be the first step for people to see that we as a people realise that we are all essentially striving for the same things and can collaborate together to remove the problems that face us globally and individually.

Please spread the word РYou may know  others who may be interested in taking part in this experiment. The more we gather here the more we can develop and improve it and make it something special.

Of course it may not grow very fast, or in the beginning be disorganised, it might break or not be very pretty, or even worse for some unforeseen reason disappear completely – but I personally honestly believe with all my heart that it could be the beginning of the biggest collaborative event in history. Not built by an international organisation, secret or otherwise, or by a government agency or corporation – but by the individuals themselves,for themselves, for each other, for their children, to our highest principles and ultimately helping each other.

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