How ‘Open’ a world are we prepared to live with?

I believe part of the answer for many of word’s problems lies in secrecy – but I have never worked out to myself how much openness the world is comfortable with.

Sadly the power that is held by institute or person over another person is usually maintained and upheld by the secrecy of its information or action. There are a few stories today in The coming-out stories of anonymous bloggers that show in todays society how the freedom of speech and expression can have implications if you do it anonymously.

What if all speech was open and honest, would people be too frightened to speak up, or does the right to speak anonymously infringe upon other people’s rights.

When I speak of an open and transparent government in Beyond One World I am sure of it being absolute. There can be no more secrets, no more hidden agendas and operations by those in power. It has to be open to absolutely everyone – so that no corruption is possible. But I wonder how far can that go? An extreme point I know but imagine the ability of telepathy miraculously appearing in every person in the world so that even everyday thoughts were open. Would everyone suddenly go to war realising the true intents of others or would another level of understanding develop, in the causes of those thoughts.

I have been wading through news on the Internet in any subjects relating to World Governments – the list I found interesting I have put in the World Government News and Events folder of the forums – and the dismaying and mind numbing number of conspiracy theories makes this very hard going. What is the antidote to the ‘New World Order’? It is definitely openness, equality and collaboration by the majority – the essence of Beyond One World idea.

But how far should this openness go?

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