Looks like development will be in Waves

This will be a quick rambling but I have been thinking about the development side of things and that I haven’t had a real challenge to get my teeth into for ages. In addition to the fact I have recently got my Google Wave invite and have been playing there too – nothing productive yet however, still a little lost with what I can productively do with it. In essence I am very impressed with it, it is clever and will create quite a change in our perception of we communicate by email etc. A little concerned about how something like this will scale with all the traffic and function it will be taking care of but we’ll see. I had been watching how Microsoft got on with Groove, then Live Mesh, which are tenuously linked in my mind with what is happening in Wave but a little disappointed in how things were going. We do need something new, however I was really hoping the Open Source world would come up with it first. 

With Wave I did spend a lot of time looking through the terms and conditions trying to figure out which bits were going to be fully open and which bits were to remain proprietary because if I do use it I here I cannot lock it into any particular company or their servers. Or indeed rely too heavily on packages black boxed.

Well the exciting things going round in my mind at the moment is looking at the ways in which we all communicate – collaborate especially as far as Beyond One World is concerned – and wondering if it all can be rationalised better into a more logical kind of application. For instance we communicate via Email, chat, Messenger, Skype and Forums etc. We provide information (text and media) on web pages, blogs, wiki’s, rss feeds and YouTube etc. Particular to what I think of in Beyond One World I see tasking, workflow, configuration management and decision making process fitting in. Figuring that possibly Wave will become established and using that model, how can all the other requirements fit into the picture. I have made numerous notes and drawings as I have though about what is going on underneath and what we use it for – and thought about the semantic web and using RDF etc to distinguish between the information flowing. The more I think about it and investigate the technologies available the more exciting it gets. I think it’ll be a great learning exercise and I only wish I could not worry about income but take on these challenges as I become aware of them.

Anyhow, with all the rest of the ramblings here I have added another chapter to it. I will continue this one firstly in the forums at http://forums.beyondoneworld.com/site-discussion/beyond-one-world-as-an-open-source-project-t15.html. Then when anything become more solid start filling the Wiki with hopefully the inklings of a requirements definition.

Is it need driving technology here or is it the old trap of technology driving need?

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