It’ll be the End of the World!!!

I originally posted this when I first set up the Google Apps but now that I have pulled back I thought it should be posted here…


Now for a bit of fun changing the paradigm


It is perhaps apocalyptical to state that the ultimate goal of the system will mean the end of the world. Here I present, with full disclaimer that it is the belief of the writer etc etc, a series of thoughts connected to the changes about to be undertaken if the system became a reality.


The end of the worlds history, written by the victors of the erased cultures forgotten experiences and knowledge.


The end of the world of conflicting systems, regions and ideologies, there will be :-

  • the individual
  • all other individuals
  • the system that serves them all
  • their own beliefs, their God that controls it all.

Nothing else.


The end of the world as our only home, our only choice, the exclusive home of our species as we head beyond to new worlds and universal thinking. This garden Earth that provided for us until we became too large for it to sustain us and from which we had to step beyond and partially leave. For us to finally care and protect it from harm and nurtur the life it sustains, to become a monument, a beautiful garden. We finally leave this cradle, Earth, and venture into new possibilities and opportunities within the universe we know today and possibly into new ones we learn about tomorrow and virtual ones we create on the way.


The end of the world and all its nations dissolved, becoming just geographical and historical entities as we join together as one in collaboration.


The end of the world as our limit in the universe, our border, our boundary.


The end of the world of systems economical and financial as our faith in them erodes but by taking the good and the lessons learned from them to create and test universal ones. Its conflicting and wasteful systems brought together into a universal entity.


The last days of the world in an apocalyptical fight, not from an external enemy or force coming to destroy us all but from the enemy we created ourselves. The results of our past actions and ignorance. To fix the problems we have created and restoring the natural and finite balance that the Earth needs to maintain life. Conflict is a certain way of bringing individuals together, that would not necessarily agree to collaborate in any way. We must work together for our own survival in a universal way with respect and understanding for both each other and the other life that shares our space with us.


The end of complacent days are upon us…

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