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A totally different experience than with setting up WordPress. Setting up phpBB3 was quite time consuming and it stills feels the same as it did working with it years ago, sometimes not for the faint of heart. The real challenge was setting up the phpbb-seo mod to ensure that it gets taken up by search engines. I remember going through all sorts of hoops trying to get Google to send its bots around the forum in the past so to take care of it now is a relief. I am sure Google¬†has no problem reading forums nowadays with SIDs but I didn’t want to take on any challenges in that area. The forums are still without a decent template and require different logins – I’ll face that challenge later when it hopefully begins to get used.

I had originally set up a discussion group in Google but the principle of getting this all in one place and working together meant I had to pull away from them. The over-riding principle in my mind is that all the system HAS to be totally Open Sourced and not sitting in any corporation anywhere. This means that developments to the site will eventually become totally open, visible and workable by anyone involved. The integration of all disparate parts of the Open Source frankenstein I am creating here should in principle become¬†seamless so that processes can be built upon them. My imagination takes this many steps further… when I am brave enough to mention them in detail I will post here but I really need an immense ‘butterfly effect’ to get anywhere near them.

Feel free to post any questions, ideas or criticisms in the open forum …

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3 thoughts on “Open Source forums now online

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