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Sharing Projects from Google Project 10 to the 100

I had an email from Valentino Wiebel recently – well recently for me for somehow I missed his email that he sent in January and only just found it, apologies for that – that I thought was a brilliant idea. He had noticed that there were a number of projects submitted that shared his idea in his submission, basically collaborative websites that that would actively connect people who need to get things done with those who actually have the resources to do so. So he sent an email to all those that were similar andĀ noted that this was indeed the principle behind the original Project 10 to the 100 in the first place and proposed that everyone in these projects pool their efforts and votes for each other when the voting came. Well as you may know, nothing as yet has happened at Google concerning this ( so everything has just come to a stop. So as not to waste his effort in gathering a list of similar project submissions I asked for his permission to place them here – I hope you find them interesting,

Let me know what you think of them…

You are the most important person in history!!!

I have come to a point where I can put what I see as the whole idea into a short set of sentences. I have posted them on the main page at as some help in anyone trying to understand what the site is all about.

Here it is.

You are the most important person in history!

Your life, your decisions, your actions, your history.

Together with others you can change the world.

You can make it better just by making the effort, no matter how small.

Imagine if everyone like you:

  • Used the highest principles and our common ideals
  • Searched for and worked out the best methods and ideas
  • Planned for the most good that could be done
  • Worked to ensuring the highest quality centralising our efforts
  • Used the latest techniques, technologies, methods
  • Strived to remove the negative and worked consistently towards positive results
  • Used open source ideals of openness and collaboration
  • Creating an ideal, open, transparent government
  • Owned and operated by everyone equally sharing all resources

No more secrets, no more leaders, no boundaries, barriers, borders.

To collectively fix the global problems of this world.

Not one world government – let’s look beyond one world to an exciting future.

Does it pass on the real message – I hope so, we shall see…

Blogger to WordPress in minutes

How easy was that!!! In the space of a few minutes I have added StatCounter, Google Analytics and imported my whole Blog from Blogger. Wow! My first post using WordPress. Well done all those who have worked on WordPress. It has come on so much since I last used it – So friendly.

There is an import in WordPress now that will automatically take all your posts from your old Blogger account (among many others) and update it all for you. I was expecting to do some cutting and pastingĀ from Blogger and then creating an import script into the MySQL database – no need – all taken care of.

Pulling away from Google Apps

Well I found that coming back to using Open Source and self made pages to be a bit more time consuming than I originally thought. I expected to be able to just throw up the existing pages and release the Google Apps version. My way of dealing with it did leave the main site at without pages for a few days, something that if it weren’t for the obscurity of the site in the first place I would never have let happen. Having a site in obscurity however does give you a comfortable degree of freedom. I wonder what percentage of the web actually exists in this special place, pages that never get seen, never making any difference other than occupying some search engine link that never gets clicked. Obscurity I am sure is a very crowded place, but of course we never see each other by definition.

I haven’t been doing anything on the web for a long time and that was another cause for delay. I thought I would try out Dreamweaver again and see what it could do, the latest is at CS4. I realised that my old ways of knocking out TABLES on a page are now a very old habit and I must really learn more about using DIVs and CSS. So there was the first delay. Of course I had already pulled the domain away from Google Apps at the time and now it was pointing at my empty directory on the Dreamhost server. Inspired by the ease of setting up layouts and reminded of the relative complexity of some of the CSS rules for floats the pages came together very quickly and although full of dubious content actually needed to be made visually presentable. Ahem.. Well, OK, I found a wonderful image of the Earth that was freely available, picked out the best angle and rotated it and put it up onto the main site, not yet visually appealing but it will do for now, I hope. I’ll get back into presentation of it later.

Back with Dreamweaver, I found it great to use but had an absolutely dreadful time setting up FTP, a few days have been spent trying to sort this out and I have finally given up with it. Somehow, it was getting absolutely confused as to what was my testing server and what was my remote, in addition to the fact it kept hanging on any transfer that was more than a few pages. I think that it had issues with PASV, ensuring that all transfer were in FTP passive mode, but without finding solution I think I have given up with it. I’ll go back to doing it manually.
Now with the – I admit it, visually dreadful – pages up on the site linking in all the bits I selected I find that the work is just beginning. All of the Open Source applications now need to work together. An interesting puzzle to work through. Hopefully I can figure it all out.

My next step now is to pull away from Blogger and use WordPress instead for my own Blog, the pages where this waffling commentary actually lives. This post will be the last one I guess on this service at, so I have the task of pulling all the posts into the new blog that will/should appear at

Here we go then…

Fear … of the unseen

My mind has been set on bring pages together on the site but at the back of my mind lurks a fear that is always there. It is something that nags at me every time I work on this idea.
Nobody has yet followed it. All this is very much unseen and I haven’t had any feedback. I have exposed quite a bit about myself in putting the idea together, things that I generally keep to myself. However, I found I have revealed that childish side of me that believes in good and big things. I look back on some of those posts and cringe, asking myself why did I say that, or isn’t that too much information. Another part of me is opened with a typically childish trait, asking myself why doesn’t anybody understand what I am saying – I do empathise with children learning language, it must be the most frustrating skill to master. The cynic in me criticises all the time over my waffling and inability to make points sound interesting.
I started this whole thing off last October and I still feel now as I did in my first post. The excitement of what the idea is all about with the trepidation of what it will turn out like and the response of others. Always knowing myself that to some degree this must be the same for many others out there when they blog.
I must rid these nagging doubts once and for all. After putting the main site together I must go out and find out what others think. It is much better after all to have people at least debating, even criticising you, so that you can reform and correct something, rather than silence as you journey into nothing.