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Am I an anarchist?

I always had a negative idea of anarchy, always though it to be a destructive and chaotic idea, however, quite a lot of what I have written follows some of the anarchists principles. I have been studying very hard recently to find connections with any other philosophies and I am surprised I keep finding a little here, then a little there. I must sometime soon do a proper article comparing the idea to all these well though out ones and point out where they are similar or different and the pros and cons of each.

Then I’ll answer the question honestly later…

Hurry, Get your FREE share in this website…

… join in and take an equal share of the results.

OK, a bit tongue in cheek but it is perfectly accurate to state it. I do not wish to own this site, I believe firmly in the idea but I only want to be an equal partner in it with everyone else who has the pioneering spirit to get it to evolve. My imaginations here in this blog may be far off from how it all develops, but with that I will feel satisified, as long as it remains on the first principles and has at its core our most aspirational and positive intentions. So it is really a fact that everyone who joins will take an equal share in it.

Looking back over my past attempts, from open outsourcing and the open company specification, even open SEO at one point, I can see how they were all heading in this direction. However, I must be one of the worst entrepreneurs that ever lived, I wanted to do everything mostly for free and got easily distracted by new ideas and technologies and never concentrated on the bottom line. It would be really entertaining for me to enter something like Dragon’s Den or Sir Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice, funnily enough I have all the skills to project manage and present but when it comes to concentration on the one thing I think I would be a disaster. So, taken from this, all my previous attempts have failed, they weren’t quite what I was trying to achieve.

But believe me, this is!
This is it! I believe in this idea 100% and I know it can work.
It’s just that I haven’t quite got the to final message yet.

When I do I know it is only a case of getting the first methods in place. As it is fully based on people collaborating then at the moment I see a social site is needed. My thinking right now is using Elgg, an open source package that looks like it has all the basics of both a social and educational site. Coupled with ideas of connecting in dotProject (an old favourite) for managing the tasks and phpBB3 for forum discussion.

Why another Social Site – other than the idea itself why would anyone want to register?
Well – there will definately be no advertisements.
I cannot see how ads could possibly exist on this site and stay true to the fundamental idea. I certainly considered it some months ago but realised that it could later be in conflict with the true purpose. I do not want to spend the time putting ad blocks all over the place either, I want to concentrate whatever time I have here on getting it moving. Back to the choice of open source, I think they are the right choices, I would certainly be interested in other opinions on this, though ultimately I think it will need its own package, either on or using one here. The one advantage at the moment is that I am skilled enough at least to get them on site and integrated, so it is only a matter of choosing the right ones.

No Ads
– Ever!!!

Let’s see if that one remains, others may think differently, I won’t have the final say later so it will be interesting to see how that goes. I can see already that I have decimated whatever share price there was already – Oh well…A tenth of nothing quite paradoxically equals nothing.

Another thing before leaving, I envision this site to become something else too, not a web site, maybe because of the sharing and processing needed and the principles involved then a mix of P2P and BOINC (e.g. SETI@home etc) will allow the functionality and storage to be completely distributed – into the cloud…

We the people …

We the people…

  • believe in the positive things in life, like truth, justice, love, friendship, hope, etc.
  • reject the negative things in life, like war, hate, poverty, starvation, etc..

… together we could agree 100% on these things.

We know the right thing, each and every one of us, no matter, gender, colour, belief etc..

If we could somehow work together in complete openness and honesty we could between us create an ideal system that we could all agree on.

Together we could collaborate to create ideal principles and systems that would make all of our lives much easier, by taking care of all the projects, services and products needed by each and every one of us.

Together we can remove all the negative issues and concentrate on the positive.

We want an ideal government, one in which we all believe in and trust to do the right thing. If we all own this government then we will be sure that no corruption, no hidden agendas, no more secrets are kept from the innocent, because we will all make sure that none of these things will be possible.

We know that we can take the best possible ideas and methods created by each other, from research or practise and use them to make this government efficient and effective. We will always be able to check and test any decision or effort made by this government because it will be our right. We will decide together how this government performs and what it is to achieve.

With this government available for all we will be able to not only take over the menial tasks of life and exchange of resources to support us but on the highest level take on any of the biggest projects we can concieve.

What are the most positive things to imagine here?

OK, not absolutely anywhere near an epic speech but this I hope develops into something really motivational and clear one day. Just imagine the things we are capable of achieving if we all worked together, openly and positively to take care of all the issues that face us.

Rationalising the irrational and the return to Open Source

The session noted in my last post is still continuing, the problem for me now is that it has opened the floodgates and I am overwhelmed with all the ideas and arguments that come out of it. I will spend some time taking notes and mindmaps to pull it all together again. I would love to note everything as I follow it online but blogs are serial things and would make it difficult to pull things together – a wiki would be more useful, but still cumbersome to move things around.

One result coming out of all this is that I am going to pull away from Google’s shared hosting and bring it all together in one place at my host, Dreamhost, using the best fitting open source. One advantage is that the whole setup can then be shared and there will be no proprietary systems to deal with later. Ideally, everything that belongs in the system should belong equally to everyone who collaborates on it and if changes are needed they can be handled.

I don’t have the answer yet!!

At a point where dealing with all the things that daily life throws at you and tackling an idea which you are trying to solidify I think I am finally suffering from sleep deprivation. It really does you no good to work through the night and then function as normally as possible throughout the day. Sleep is such an annoyance, let alone the fact that I have always tried to tackle the reason why I do not exactly exist while I sleep I find it leaves you physically feeling more tired AFTER you sleep than before you do, plus any continuity and memory are lost of all the things in your mind before you do.

Anyhow –

Worst still I really do know I do not have the answer yet! I know it is there and what I am proposing is perfectly correct but it is not the answer – just the result of it.

I am taken back to one of my many embarassing incidents that I had during my school days. It was during a visit that my mother had with a Solicitor(lawyer) in Cinderford, my home town then. I think that I was fully supportive by sitting there silently as the conversation discussed the legal issue at hand but that wasn’t enough. My mother gleefully told the solicitor that I was working on a new language that I was writing by myself that brought the spotlight firmly on me. The enquiries that followed put me in the uncomfortable situation that I had to explain an idea that I was working on for months, possibly a year prior to this of trying to create a new language that wouldn’t allow any fallacies or illogical constructions to exist, that in fact you would not be able to tell lies using it – Well I was a child then. The idea ended that day with the joyful retort that the Solicitor hoped I didn’t succeed as it would certainly put him out of a job. I have but one remnant of it still, a copy of some of the symbols I was trying to use to construct the concepts that I was creating based on the nearest phonetic sound I could attach it to that – then – would have made sense to me. I miss my conceptual landscapes and the seemingly impossible challenges I played with then.

The reason it haunts me now is that this again, almost forty years later, is a similar situation where I know what it is I am trying to achieve, I can almost see, conceive or touch it but like the creation of this language I know it lies in a level above me somewhere, just above my current level of understanding of what it is I am trying to achieve. Similarly, it is exposed, again looking I’m sure a very naive version of what it should be before those with better knowledge or intellect than I. However, I’m a much stronger character now than I was then and I am going to keep going until I reach it – definitely within this lifetime or I will be very annoyed. In fact I need some good arguments and discussions to find the weaknesses and replace them with solid framework. Together with some good idealists who can use their own knowledge to make this successful.

How this relates to Beyond One World and the fundamental idea? If I were to sum it up simply within a sentence I would say something like,

‘A centralised, open and transparent system of collaboration for defining how we all as a group of individuals want to help each other and govern ourselves’

Without going into ideas of how it relates to wonderful achievements like open source, social networking and collaboration it is by itself perfectly true and is partly the core of what Beyond One World is all about. However, I realise that I am choosing certain elements like ‘open’ and ‘transparent’ and asking myself why the concepts are there. What are they by themselves meant to achieve? What if they weren’t there?, what differences it makes to the ideal. I realise also that they are communication concepts, they are what makes communication possible. Also without the communication elements there could not possibly be any dynamism or collaboration. Then I would argue with myself asking why that last sentence was true, what concepts are involved, why and where is this heading. The fact these are ideals and aspirations are relevant to – I am remembering some of the concept landscapes I travelled through years ago – and years since now I recall – in trying to understand that level above me. There is a relationship to with the essential desire I mentioned in Who Am I? – why the connections? I watch myself thinking this through and try to understand the processes I go through in trying to understand them, so I can learn what is successful and what is not and possibly why – they all lead back to some core ideal. Also trying to stand outside of it all again and see if I am watching the right things – also why the desire to reach ideals and aspirations in the first place.

Another amusing stand I take is trying to second guess what anyone would think had they stumbled on this post, I would guess that it would be either some sad kind of madness, some stumbling kind of naivety and silliness or possibly even some genius, well allow me a little vanity, I’m tired…

Back to the plot – it appears I am trying to use my highest ideals and aspirations to create the most ideal system of governance possible, to benefit everyone and everything in the most positive way. For everyone a chance to be all that they can be without removing that chance from everyone else. At its lowest level to remove conflict, oppression, waste and replace it with purpose. Obviously any closed system can give some power over others and if used selfishly then war and suffering result, amongst many other things, so the system must be open. There must be ideal communication of all things within the system – ‘open’ is one of the ideals for at least one of the reasons stated above.

Stepping outside of this again – ask the question ‘Why is there the desire to reach the highest most positive ideals’ – Could they possibly change from individual to individual or are these things stuck solid in this conceptual landscape and inherent in the spirit of us all. Are there absolute ideals that exist that everyone can actually agree on – what a wonderful place to build a foundation, or have I missed something.

I remember now the problems I used to have with concepts and ideas that I tried to change them from fluffy ideas to absolute constructs. I was envious of the subject of mathematics where absolute truth and proof appeared to be exclusively exist and hoped I could put them all into formula to stop me meandering blindly through the fog of fuzzy logic and fluffy ideas to get to the bottom of things quickly. Oh and how the idea of conceptual landscape was really just a loose term, in that concepts always appeared to have multiple dimensions and couldn’t be visualised in a nice familiar landscape. Attempts at trying to see a world in more than 3 dimensions proved to be impossibly difficult regretfully. Reminds me of a later project I dropped – a visual programming language where logic could be constructed absolutely visually, possibly virtually written my placing them in the right position and seeing the range of results possible from a program as if they were physical objects – I never left the landscape actually did I – how strange. Again, I am losing the plot, back to Beyond One World… It is wonderful though how this all exists way beyond any languages that have ever been spoken.

Can I make the assumption that really ‘reaching the highest ideal’ is an important principle in all this. Does everyone inherently agree on the same ideals? For example, love, peace, friendship, collaboration, efficiency are all eternally good – that hate, war, suffering and waste etc are eternally bad, so love is somewhere in the direction of an ideal. Could any creature here or alien have any system of thought that would break this assumption? Should I care?
If the assumption is true then the ideals are part of the core and I should expand on what Beyond One World is about. That openness and transparency are just part of a set of ideals that we should collectively agree on and use them as the basis of governance. Then the ideals could be translated down through whatever level exists into actual action and positive direction. The methods of transposing ideals to apply to real life could then be found and used as part of the processes within the system…

Indeed, right now I feel I have only scratched at the surface, there is so much more and change is about to take place in how I present this idea.

But for now, I must sleep, it is beginning to get painful and I must wake soon…

And so to bed.