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World Government Creation Step 1: Create an Economic Disaster

An interesting post by Anders on called How to Make An Economic Disaster to Achieve World Government: A 233-year-old Conspiracy Against Mankind. Well it does seem like a great idea doesn’t it, complete control of world finance and power. The information put forward about the Bank For International Settlements (BIS), its independence and drive towards a global currency is the core part of the argument and is good reading.


A global currency is a natural progression in our evolution and a centre that controls it, in whatever form, will therefore be needed. It is nothing new if there are groups that want that power and if this article has some truth then maybe one contender has been recognised. Do you think we will regress into the days of obeying and following the self appointed leaders or even godlike emperors? If steps are taken towards this then history shows the spirit of man always stands up against the tyrant in the end and what is left is replaced by something else. These fears are contagious, I am concerned myself with the truth of these developments and the increase of people talking of them and will learn more about them to try to understand what is happening. It is a shame that the natural steps of globalising society is causing such alarm, it needn’t be so dramatic. Although I personally think the answer lies in the form of government described in the Beyond One World site, I do hope the reality will be something close.

Again, my personal view of the economic crisis at this time is that it was created by the creative profiteering of the financial institutions and corporations – to make a profit for their shareholders. This creativity backfired, in a purely unplanned way in that the risks were hidden and not fully understood by the users of it. A little like a gambler using a Martingale technique, for an unpredictable amount of time he will profit from it, but then luck will appear to turn on him and suddenly a number of losses will leave him destitute. It really doesn’t make sense to me personally that groups of people should plan and instigate this, it relied on systems that were misunderstood. Those that had an idea of what could possibly happen did communicate it but they certainly would not have had the capacity to create it. So I do not believe the the economic disaster has been specifically created to instigate this world government, but I am sure there are many out there who would do their best to take advantage of the situation for their own ends.

My step one for creating a world government would be to increase the means and ease of communicating with each other. Say, develop an Internet, that would allow the fast flow and advertising of important information. I would probably then flood it with crippling methods and messages of fear in an effort to get people to follow certain leaders or centres of power. If I had the inclination and the resources to control such a complex plan.

The real world government could go well beyond the ideas of amassing power. The real world government would be controlled by – well – the world, by every individual in the world that needs it. There never needs to be a centre of power any more. We could make an evolutionary step beyond this need or method of control and focus instead upon the system that would give us what we needed.

All those whoever dream of world domination and control will be gone in a hundred years…

Say “No!” to the Antichrist!!!

Sounds like religious fervour doesn’t it.

I just read an article in The Gadsden Times called One world? mentioning the fact that the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has met with President Obama in America and has talked of it being time for total globalisation (a one world government). Henry Kissinger, their former Secretary of State has already put forward that Obama could be the one to bring together this one world government so the idea has been planted in peoples minds. However, there is this growing fear with a ‘New World Order’, much of this can be seen in the conspiracies sites and ideas of the Illuminati, that this is sign of the end of the world. That a very charismatic individual will rise and everyone will follow, to become the world leader – unfortunately, this person is deemed to be the antichrist…

Admittedly we are entering a new era, one that connects everyone with the advent and growth of the internet and the idea of the one world government will become a reality no matter what. But, please, people, we are in charge of our own destinies, collectively in charge of the worlds. We do not have to allow any of this to happen. We do not need any more leaders. We can together just say “No!”. We do not need to hand over power to a single person, we can collaborate and share this power equally and together, using our very best ideals, create a government that was always dreamed of. If we sit back mindlessly allowing any injustice or wrong to prevail without trying to make the world a better place, without working together to help each other, then I am afraid we deserve the result of the religious predictions. The power will gravitate towards the centres of influence currently and any opposition to it will become harder and harder. Ultimately the lives of martyrs will be wasted fighting any wrongs there. I firmly believe we have the ability to do better, we can take the best of our ideals and put them together to create a world government that will be our equal and no one need suffer at the hands of any small group or individual.

No more leaders, no more tyrants and certainly no Antichrist!!!…

Thought Experiment: Collaboration of competing peoples

There are a number of problems that I face whenever I think about the idea and a discussion I had earlier today led me to think about the harsh edge of collaboration. Having diverse cultures, philosophies and ideals how would it survive. I thought up the simplest thought experiment that I could and tried to look at all the questions it raised, considering there to be 2 diverse peoples in a world with only one resource, one that may not be enough to sustain them both. The content of this may sound absurd to anyone reading but it raises questions that may need to be answered to define the exact structure or system of thought that would be needed to tackle it. Right now they remain mostly loosely connected questions and thoughts but I hope either I or someone better skilled can make sense of.

OK – Consider 2 peoples existing in a finite world and in this world exist a limited resource required by both.

The peoples may or may not be aware of each other and may both think that they own the resource exclusively. Of course, the assumed ownership and use of the resource would impact the other people.

Awareness is a key – if they are unaware of the others existence then the changes and disappearance of the resource will be given a reason, possibly inaccurately as to why any changes should take place. If they are aware then the importance of that resource will justify competition between the 2 peoples to own it outright. Before awareness then the ownership of the resource would be assumed as it was not under the control of any other.

Will both peoples have the ability, intelligence, power to control or own the resource? Will they have the philosophy to fight, share or hand over the resource.

Let’s assume this resource is of life importance to both, without it they would cease to be. Lets also assume that the resource is not enough to sustain them both. The power of each would be a factor, so will their number (population).

Who has the right to own and use the resource? Is it the stronger? Who will ultimately own it? The stronger and/or most aggressive?

Which people should or would cease to be in the competition for the resource? Could it be shared fairly? By whose philosophy should the concept of fairness be considered? What if the competition would mean absolute extinction of one of them? Could this mean an irreconcilable loss?

If you were an outsider having the power over both of these peoples (god) – what criteria would you use to decide who should have it? Nature itself prefers the stronger etc. Would you do the same? Or would you choose using subjective criteria, the most interesting, the prettier etc. Would you have any reason to remove both? How would you decide on who should live or die? What would be the concepts you would use to do the ‘right’ thing?

Who Am I?

I thought I would write something behind this writing that appears here, to give some indication that it is really just the ideas of a person who really does not yet have a clue of how any of it could work. But who believes it is still possible nonetheless…

So who am I?…

My name is Shawn Du’Mmett, I was born in [ … ].

Essentially, who is this?…

I exist now at this moment – It is a total mystery to me that I do exist and cannot imagine being anyone or anything else. I perceive an infinitesimal part of the universe through my senses and I am in total awe of the beauty and mystery of it all. I am not you – I do not experience you as you do – and that is a mystery beyond my comprehension that I exist, that I am real, that I am here and now. If you feel this mystery within you then isn’t it wonderful. You exist and can change your part of the physical universe, you can learn, experience and take part in this awesome creation.

It is my belief that you are like me and hence my hope is that some time, somehow, I can help you be all that you can be too. My real purpose in life is to understand and learn more of the universe around me, to grow and to be all that I can be. To be positive and good in my understanding of what those concepts mean and to help everyone and everything achieve their purpose and destiny.

I am limited by my physical and mental abilities and by my perception of my experiences of the life I can remember so far. I am aging, right now I am 46 and it is a shock to me that my body is slowly deteriorating, aging but inside feeling ageless and the same person that I was when I was 18. It is deeply hard for me to accept that I will not exist in 100 years time or that I cannot perceive anything of life before my birth and my conceptual immortality appears to be just a dream or imagination.

I have my ideals of what I really want from this existence – or any other…
I want to always be – to exist.
I want to always have freedom to choose my destiny.
I want to have the freedom to go anywhere or any time within everything.
I want the freedom to choose my form and my nature at any time.
I want to learn and understand that which created me – that surrounds and is part of me.
I want to do the best that I can do and be the best that I can be.
I want to love everything and help all life.
I want to experience all things that I am drawn to in this universe.

Is this universe, God? By the universe I mean all that exists anywhere, anytime or any dimension or concept that is beyond my understanding and so I will use the concept of the infinite. Or is God the ultimate sum of all that lives, exists?

All I know is that right now, in my present understanding of the universe, over 13 billion years from a catastrophic event, and within 93 billion light years of space that can be perceived, I exist here and now. Made from the same stuff as was created in stars billions of years ago. Where am I within this physical space that appears to surround me, I sense my existence somewhere behind my eyes, but feel emotion from somewhere around my heart. One mystery is that if any one particle of me is removed for a moment and then replaced I would neither cease to exist nor change. I seem to be something different to this physical existence but do not have the knowledge of what it could be. Herein, lies my hope for permanent existence in one form or another.

What do I believe?

I believe that nothing is essentially good or evil but I choose a concept of good because it is inherent in me.
I believe that even though my life may be mundane and unimportant that I have purpose and can at times create something wonderful.
I believe that everything and all life is important, that my current limitations are temporary and with purpose that as I grow I will learn why this is so.
I believe that there are others like me, who understand the basics of what is written here, who are alive also and through them I will learn more about this condition of life that exists now. We will help each other achieve our destinies, through our desire to help each other and all living things and be a positive part of the universe in which we live.

But who am I?

I am Shawn Du’Mmett, an ordinary person, who has not really achieved anything of note, who struggles with everyday life, trying to survive, trying to be a good father, husband and friend, a member of society. Limited by my experiences and abilities, making decisions and actions, doing things wrong and learning sometimes from those mistakes and wishing I never made them. But my essential desire summed up in

‘to be all that I can be and to help others achieve all that they can be’.

The System

This is a rambling that occurred to me a few nights ago – one of those moments when thinking about the idea of BeyondOneWorld and a deluge of thoughts and questions came that needed to be dealt with. I just scribbled down notes as they came and tried as much as I could to join the dots. I thought I should type them up here before they get lost and as something I should tackle later on.

I was thinking about the possibilities and the concept of the system that would be needed…

The System

What is its definition?
What is it?
Its purpose and its function?
How can we be all that we can be and collaborate to achieve our goals individually and globally?
How can we define what it is that we need to do to make a system that removes all that we agree is negative and function efficiently towards fulfilling all that we agree is positive?
What are the problems of conceptual and informational noise that any system would suffer from when it increases in size and complexity?
How can we ensure that it remains positive assuming that many parts of it will be under contention while being formed?
What are it features?
How does it differ from any forms of law, government and control that we have accomplished already throughout history?

The system must be our equal in authority? Its power over us is only possible because we choose it – accept that it is there because we desire it. It must be our choice collectively, though the idea of whether it is our servant or whether we serve each other through it needs to be thought through.

It needs the tools, the function and dynamics to be able to evolve as we create and develop it. The cloud that is mentioned in relation to current ideas does not appear to have form. Our innate language of though and concept should help communicate and structure how it could possibly work.

What concepts must be a part of it?
Concepts of change control, efficiency, simplicity, transparency and visibility are immediate ones that seem inevitable.

It must be the best that we are capable of creating, using our best techniques to fulfil from the most basic to our highest ideals. It must be by definition the best, most positive, most perfect attempt at doing it right. From our highest ideals what can be the building blocks of its creation – other than just the idea?

All definition needs to be explored. It must be created with the idea that can finally create a system by which we can all participate and agree upon. To have a system that allows every person in existence to be an equal and those who are willing and able to be able to participate in its creation, development and evolution.

It must never allow any individual the power to harm another, or monopolise any resource important to another.

Ideally it will be changed and set goals to remove all inefficiencies that can be identified globally (universally), that competition for power or resource will never be needed.

The beliefs, faiths, religions, concepts of God and goodness contained within its purpose must be only those things that can be agreed upon globally and universally.

The rights of all individuals must be equal, fully agreed upon and enforced.

The system must be accessible and visible to all that are supported by it and actually support it. Language cannot be a barrier and the concepts defined within it to be universal.

The resources, function and support it gives to each and very individual must always be supported constantly and consistently.

It must be a central point of information, resource and support, flowing freely in need, that although distributed globally (universally) and among all individuals be efficiently available to all.

All information within it must always be transparent and visible , there can never be secrets, hidden processes or resources attached to all knowledge within it and offer all individuals universal access to learning, review and participation in information and function.

What is the best legacy to leave the generations that follow us, our children and their children?
– or indeed any life that we will subsequently be responsible for.

A form of government that will remove any need for war, slavery and suffering caused by the imbalance of power between nation, region, tribe, corporation or any group of people.

A system by which they can grow, learn, experience and understand the universe in which they live, to be able to follow their own destinies and to be all that they wish to be. To give them the ability to work together to take on any challenge that awaits them individually or globally in the future.

The availability of generations of knowledge and experience through which to be able to push the barriers of understanding and to reach new levels of civilisation.

The power to tackle global changes and the ability, power and resource to reach beyond one world into new undiscovered realms, whether physical, mental or new forms of existence.

There is a universe of opportunity, resource, possibility and experience available to all willing to create the foundations and building blocks of a supporting system.

Our fragile existence on our cradle planet, our ultimate survival will depend on our success beyond one world.

To achieve this necessary step our ability to work together, our beliefs and attitudes towards each other must focus on the real, truthful and positive aspects as if we are all one close family, working together, for our own individual benefit and those of the whole family.

The system represented here should be the combination and integration of the best systems that we are capable of at any time, to always look towards improving efficiency and possibility.

A new form of government that allows that allows every individual equality in power will finally remove the suffering of those at the opposition or subservient to any tyrant, nation or corporation. It will allow the complete collaboration of global challenges in economical, climatic or ethical problems in tackling, removing or easing their effects. Global or universal projects will be possible that will enable all one day to travel freely, communicate with others effortlessly (hopefully with other life in the future), access all information and knowledge and offer the care and support to those in need effectively, quickly and absolutely. The conflict of effort that is inherent in separate government or corporation can be removed allowing for an acceleration in economics, production, learning, technology and social efforts, new possibilities and opportunities will increase as each individual will be able to focus or change their participation as it suits them. All individuals will have equal opportunity to work whenever they wish on the global framework that could be possible in this system. The complete freedom of change in location, learning and skill will enable more freedom in the diverse cultures to work together and understand each other. National, regional, geographical and tribal barriers will disappear as the collaboration grows but virtual groups of ideas and discussion will enable more consideration of diverse thought and debate.

With the possibility of open, transparent and global collaboration comes the opportunity of removing the waste of corporate competition. The most effective and efficient method of production or service delivery will enable global and single methods to be utilised, considered, researched or discussed in open collaboration – ending the need for any individual or group owned corporation. All the diversity of products and services could be handled from within the system under the directorship of each and every participating individual.

Is it possible to simply begin creation of this system by first focusing on all those ideas, definitions, principals and requirements that are agreed upon by all individuals participating in developing the system? Finding first the basics upon which all agree? Then working upon the possible methods by which change and development can take place.

How? – It will develop if more participate
When? – Now
Where? – Anywhere, but somewhere visible – Maybe I am not the one to determine this?
Why? – This burns deeply within me. I want to scream out

‘Come on everyone,
Let’s finally free ourselves,
Lets do the best that we can do together,
Lets grow up, put away childish ideas and help ourselves and each other once and for all,
Lets move on!’
– but for the sake of perceived sanity I will just write it here…