Monthly Archives: November 2008

Still working on it…

A month has passed and sadly I have not done or presented enough to give this any momentum.

Aspirations and ability are often strangers when it comes to creating ideas.

Also the noise of life take over, all the important and urgent things that must be done – all the things that I am sure will be so important and make a difference in a hundred years time – it’s a shame that so much of our lives are taken over by the need to survive, not just physically but financially and socially.

If only we could be free of these bonds,
to be able to achieve all the things that we desire to achieve,
to be able to focus our efforts on helping ourselves and others improve our world,
not wasting any more energy fighting each other and the systems within it.

We are all capable of so many wonderful things.
So many worlds are waiting for us.

Where on earth can it start…