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A week of reflection

Well, the past week though busy has been a good break from rushing this idea forward. Looking back and reflecting on the whole thing I found to be really exciting – I know the idea works, though I feel I am not the best advertiser for it, it really needs someone with more charisma to sell it. But if it gets understood to the level I see it at the moment the possibilities become beautiful…

I have been haunted by the problem of how the decision making could work – imagine a billion people making a million decisions. How could you handle so many decisions without violating any of the principles, all decisions must be available transparently without fail, but you risk overloading the poor voter who has a stake in a majority of these polls.

It’s a shame I haven’t generating interest yet, I am both yearning for the feedback and in danger of going completely in my own direction and attempting to get the whole thing to work by myself – not a likely prospect I admit. I need to show that the ideas that appear here are simply my interpretation of what is possible, I realise that as soon as it works it no longer belongs or needs me and would grow with the characters and values of the people who take part.

My Entry to the Google Project 10 to the 100

Finally made it – after fighting a few driver and sync problems

Visit http:/// for more information.

Entry for Google’s Project 10 To The 100 an idea for a completely open and transparent centralised global collaboration.

It cannot be controlled by any one person, company or agency, but allows EVERY individual an EQUAL voice to help each other or to challenge any part of it. Right now each member becomes a pioneer and if it gathers momentum it could lead to the biggest collaborative effort of all time.

Imagine:- no more regional governments, no more centers of power, all universal resource controlled and belonging to all, no more companies, the system by which you live is 100% open and transparent, no more conspiracies, no more secrets, every person protected and served equally by the system they developed and that serves them.

Imagine what kind of world you would create if you had the chance. What changes would you make? Who would you help? How would you deal with todays issues?

We have the technology and the infrastructure to begin this, the next stage of the Internet, not in disparate islands and competing against each other but a dynamic grid developed and created by every active and capable person using it.

How would you begin to create something like this?

The first step is to plant a flag in the ground and say, right, it doesn’t matter where it begins, as long as the tools are 100% visible and open, so it begins here! Where it goes from there will be determined equally by every person who takes part in it.

Let us finally and completely help the disadvantaged and poor of the world to make everyone equal.

Let us work together to create a system that will make us pioneers for the future – and take us Beyond One World!!!

The system does not have a name

I refer to it as the system. Describe it as a universal, centralised, open and transparent, collaborative and dynamic system but I can never reach a name for it. So I won’t.
Beyond One World is the name I gave to the vision and as a means of communicating and selling the idea of how it could work, including of course as a place to put the flag into the ground for collaborating on the first stages,
I guess if a name is conjured up by anyone else that everyone is happy with then I will be happy with it. I am still at the anxious stage of being the majority of 1 out of 1 at the moment – hope that changes when I submit tomorrow to the Project 10 to the 100. I have just realised that the video is optional, so there is nothing stopping this idea being introduced. I will try tomorrow however to put a meaningful 30 second presentation together to give it some chance of being understood.